09 July 2008

Last Song

this is the 1st poem i wrote for my prince last time..
a prince that i ever deeply fell for him..
but he didn't belong to me..
he's so perfect and i believed that he is the only one..
i don't think i could find a sustitute in future..
it was juz like a dream..
a wonderful dream..
it built up a great castle in my memories..

here it began..~
it's virginity write u a song
u say anything owaz on my mind
juz simple a few words
coincidence forever luv
do u believe wif it?
it's de art of life choo mo goc
an angel wif broken wings
her tears into de endless rain
lost her way back to paradise
crucify her luv
a deep sense of longing
de last song is de 1st song
playing wif ur guitar unfinished
as one~ur existence in jojoshi..
the love to u is alive in me
u r aside of me...every day..

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