26 April 2009

dolL * 25 - momentS

she felt the heartfelt from him
since the moment he accepted her sincere

she knew it might not be in the best situation
at this moment
been jobless and juz started with a new job
but she believe they can improve it
by working hard together thru their dreams

no matter in what situation
she knew she juz love him
her heart only belongs to him

her life filled up by him
it wouldn't complete without existing of him

they may have to live apart from each other
she felt dismayed at that moment
but she wouldn't ask for stay
as she understand what he wants
he is working hard to earn more
to own his own cafe in one day
that was his dream
she will give him full support
try hard to archive her dream as well
for the moment waiting for him

she cherished every moments with him
since the very beginning
this is the place where she got into
to extract her feeling
she is here for him

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