08 September 2008

280808 (part 2) ^-^*

few days after my bday.. got another gift came in late..
he is late again.. owaz late..
if not duh overslept.. bo bian..lol~

even it was late, but it's special..
it was put in my car and i couldnt see what was that actualli bcoz it was so dark..
i touched some leaves 1stly i tot it was rose but bukan..
i was wondering what is that bcoz i was told that it will be a weird present i ever got..
i almost up-side-down it to see what is that..
lucki i dint..
if not all the water poured out in my car duh tiam..lol~
but stil i split out some water..
b4 he told me that got water inside..
i drove kfulli and slowly home..

once i opened up the wrapper, it's realli surprised me..
it's a custom design glass with my name written on it..
it's was so cute and lovely~
it's weird also lo..as what i hav been told..
there are cabbage looks alike unknown plant in the glass..
dont u feel that also?
weird hor what's the meaning of the gift le?
oo.. he said it's like the growing gift application in facebook..
but this is a real growing gift..
so i can realli take k of the plant lo..
oo..interesting idea..creative..
it's memang a weird present which i never got b4..
but it's special..
oni weird ppl will com out with this weird idea lo..
after a while, i noticed that the trasparent varnish to protect the painting on the glass started dropping off..
ops!! kena air la!! duh..
i hav to transfer the plant into another container and poured out the water in the glass..
wiped it kfulli with tissue to let it dry..
phew~ lucki the painting is saved..
hor chai ar..
i was so sleepy edi yet i hav to do that quietly in the midnite and take pic..
it's all the sukuwen's fault lo..
put so many water inside the glass..

the painting is so
done by prettie joanne..
thanx alot ^-^*
cute tiger, pig and a donkey..
with the lovely design..
it makes the glass so unique..
i'm so happii to hav it..
it belongs to me~

a gift from sukuwen..
realli thanx for it..
i'm owaz like to argue with ur opinion..
but this is realli a special gift..
TQ wen ^-^*

i put it in a nice bowl..
wait and see the "cabbage" plant to grow up..

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