08 September 2008

280808 ^-^*

while i was watching trailer of
" money no enough 2"..
>> " when is ur bday?"
" 8/3"
" what year?"
" every year.."
LOL~ it's funni but yet logic also..
28.08~ it's my day again.. once a year.. every year.. hehe..
i never hav a big celebration for it bcoz i don realli like it..
i'll prefer to go for a simple dinner.. with few of my frens n family..
this year i had a great bday.. ^-^*
on my bday eve..
i went to meet up with few of my primary school classmates, which i hav not seen them since i graduated from primary 6 le.. omg!! it's realli long lost fren lo.. it was so please to see them again.. lots of memories came up in our mind when we talked about our past time in class.. even they dint know it was my bday on the next day.. but it was a great present for me edi.. hop to meet them all again in future and take a group pic of all of us.. ^^
that was my 1st present for my bday.. i got it for myself..

on the big day..
my frens and my family they made me a warm bday with their wishes and gifts..
all the wishes flooding in my sms, facebook and friendster.. lol~
i love all the present i got.. realli happii ^-^*

this is from my lovely colleagues..

miaw miaw i wan tissue~ haha~


ini pulak gift from Tan's family *ben*chuying*mich*.. hehe..
a sexy new dress for me.. =P


woo~ a box of ferrero rocher from ming & ping.. golden shinny blink* blink* ..


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