22 February 2009

dolL * 18 - finallY

she always believed
the existing of miracles

when she was tiring of bunch of works
she got the sms from her pig
who she has missed out for quite a long time
she has fall for him again at last winter
as she loved him from the start

her heart melted..

she didn't expect that much of return
from the bday present she gave him
bcoz nothing changed after that
he told her..
he was so touch of her present
bcoz never got a gal treat him like this before
it was all her expression from her true heart
a special present that she ever create
only for someone special
like him..

she realli feels thankful to him
for his acceptance
to begin their story together
she has been waiting for this moment for so long
but it's all worth it
bcoz finalli her dream turns into real
he is the prince that she waiting for
all this while..

she will love him as who he is
share and care for him
as much as she can
no doubt trust and confidence are needed
but she will try her best
to be his princess~

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