24 December 2008

dolL * 17 - oddnesS

she feels unfilled since that day
even she has been busy with works
her time was filled up
but not her mind
she got a lot of things to think and do
somehow she felt odd
something has been left out in her heart
which she used to very familiar with it
she put it in freezer of her heart
still it comes back randomly
now she's confused
she accepted the fact
sometime the air still got stucked in her chest
she felt that she doesn't own anything
since the drug was taken away from her
she lost her addiction yet she's not
maybe she's juz haven't get used to it
piece of her soul lost somewhere
need times to get it back
maybe she should put all that aside
go back to her fantasy world for vacation
do what she likes for herself
recharge the low battery to full
sometimes a fall doesn't equal to a lost
it enhances the strength to move further
she learnt the imperfect
she believes that
she had gone for what she wants
so be it if it doesn't want her back
maybe it doesn't deserve her anyways

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Kawen Chen said...

hi! Nice blog and nice meeting u that day :)