19 December 2008

dolL * 16 - exhausteD

she didn't know it would bring trouble to him
if she knew she won't ask for anything
she was took to pieces
she didn't expect this would happen
it's ok if he doesn't understand her feeling
but it realli hurt
when he scolded her
she knew it's useless to talk more
at that moment
if he felt better to put his temper on her
she would juz accept it
she juz hope nothing changes
she is still the one who always here for him
whenever he needs
go ahead for what he likes
as long as he is happy
thats enough for her
maybe she would try to change
her way of concern
the sister wouldn't leave him away
he is always her lovely brother
what happened is happened
she couldn't control it
she really hopes he understands
and believes in her
she won't do things that will trouble him
she need a rest

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