15 December 2008

dolL * 12 - holD

she wanted to get rid off her madness
she sat on the tree branch alone
yet her mind couldn't stop blending
all the word he said
and the name mentioned
how could she juz get mad of a name?
she guess she must be crazy edi
she knows mayb he don think that
she is trying to do her best for him
but she is juz blank in a sudden
when he is probably taken off
she couldn't imagine that
if she has to learn to live
without bother for him
it's not easy to accept a changes
either physically or mentally
bcoz she's so get used to him
all this while
she holds tightly to the branch
she scared to get hurt
from falling down from the tree
she doesn't know how to get down from the tree
she doesn't know what's the purpose
keep on mentioning the name to her
make her so moody edi
time freeze
she wants to hold the second
and she hopes nothing is moving on
could it be?

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