17 December 2008

dolL * 13 - abandoN

she got a dream last nite
which make her hardly breathe the air now
she doesn't wish this to happen
yet it happened...
her six sense is always right
she couldn't believe that is true
it's so complicated
she is falling down from the tree
and feels the hurt
she owaz reserved a seat for him next to her
but now he is happy to be with someone else
which he didn't notice that
she is waiting in the park
her tears dropped into her heart
no one see it
maybe it's too late when she realized that
she's actualli had reserved for him
a place in her heart which she get used to
she always be there whenever he needs
juz that all this while
she doesn't think that she'd miss him
that much
she has been deny her real feeling to everyone
and herself
she's not only cares for him as a friend
she wanted to get this off her chest
she wondered why ppl always got their love easily
but she's always the one left behind
she doesn't how to sort it out
no word can describe her feeling at this moment
she tried to take a picture of love
tried to type a message
she got a piece of paper
but its empty

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