18 December 2008

dolL * 14 - hurT

this is the first time
her dream comes true in real life
but she can't breathe the air
bcoz it's a dream which she doesn't wish to come true
how could this happened ?
all her six sense and observations
are correct

she is sick now..
her chest got stucked
hardly feels the air to breathe in
her brain run out of oxigen
she needs a doctor
to cure her sickness
to assemble her broken pieces of wing
the angel is too weak to fly
she is actualli not that strong as she thought
she need a support
for her to fly further

nothing is perfect in this world
learn better from the fall
take the imperfect to replace
be strong to continue journey
no matter how heart ache is
always need time to heal it
the angel wishes he could see
she flies higher with the wounded wing

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