05 December 2008

dolL * 10 - meltinG

it's has been so long she missed out her pig
since summer and now winter begins
quiet all this while, busy with lives
till got no extra time to think of it
after gave her special present to him on his bday
everything going on as usual
nothing is changed..
she had tried to bury all her feeling
deep into her heart
without any expectation of return from the present
all the hidden feeling came out again
at the moment she saw him today
she realize that she's still mind of him
the pig is always in her heart
she didn't let go of him but juz put aside
she thought she has lost feeling to him
but she's actualli not..
she thought she has lock her mind
of being apart from him
but this time
she may have failed
bcoz she has loved him from the start
she guess she will be fall for him
over again
she was juz kept an ice cream in the freezer
to maintain its shape all this while
once the green light indicates
it still melts
it's freezing outside
but her heart is melting

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