27 November 2008

dolL * 09 - losT

she cried last nite
suddenly her soul was broken into pieces
and empty
when she was told all her document was gone
no back-up is saved..
all her collection of chronicle and memories of years
all of a sudden
she felt that..
she was thrown out from the planet
lost her memories and dono who is she
floating in the air with no direction
hardly to recall back
but only broken pieces of it
she couldn't imagine that
if she drove her car out at that moment
she wan to get rid of the mad
her anxious max out to the most
she felt calm after talk to him
to get the madness off her chest
while she felt sorry to her papa also
for being wild in front of him
she didn't want to
as she knew her papa realli care of her
but she juz lost control of it
she is not blaming anyone
but herself

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