13 November 2008

dolL * 07 - hiding deviL

she noticed someone is hiding
behind the bushes
there is the devil with two-faces
which she hated the most
wearing a mask to get close with people
but pointing bad from her back
or trying to hide from what they have done
assumed that she wouldn't know
she actualli knows but juz keep in mind
she doesn't want to unveil the devil out
that will only be a stupid action as they did

she was realli pisSsed off at this time
when she found out the truth from third party
sometimes she can't understand
is that devil acting stupid
pretended to be innocent
or realli didn't know what have been done
is getting other people into trouble
over react for what supposed to be
action taken always didn't match with what have been said
didn't know how to be flexible at different situation
but only follow the rules blindly
it's even worse than a blind person

she will beware from the devil
don't ever think to hide behind the bushes
a devil's step is not hard to be discovered
in such a small garden

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

metaphoric thinking...not bad....i totally agree with u...it happen in out life everyday....