10 November 2008

dolL * 06 - worrieS

she stares at little blacky
it juz keep quiet
wearing a devil mask
to cover its real expression
but she knew little blacky is not happy
something is happening
it always didn't want to tell
hide inside and undergo by itself
thought that it's not a necessary to let her know
it doesn't know that
she's more worries
when come to this situation
she doesn't want to get angry with him
she juz hope he can share with her
to solve the problem together
at least there is someone to share with
someone to give support
to cut down the weight of suffering
on little blacky's shoulder
she hates to see it got annoyed
by its kind-hearted
it should learn to consider the limit
she always know
when little blacky made mistake
or not in the mood
even it tried to cover it up
she juz wanted it to know that
little blacky, u are not abadoned
and never alone

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