06 November 2008

dolL * 05 - complicateD

they are not twins
but is she herself
sometimes she's tired of
being different character in her life
she hates herself for who she has to be
bcoz she has to act
acting is not her talent
but she tried very hard for it
guess she is doing quite well
yet it's realli tiring to be a twin
when you are actualli not
switching black ribbon to white on the same dress
slightly changes to present as another character
her spirit is splitting into pieces
how could she gather all the puzzle pieces
to assemble into a complete set
she juz wanted to be herself
and she only can be real her in front of him
bcoz she can be transparent
to be who she wants to be
pour out all the words in her heart
instead of putting on colors to decorate herself
in front of peoples
a simple support will bright her day up
lead her to a little smile
she hopes he could understand
she doesn't like to be in this situation
but she has to
thats the way she could deliver her support
in the way he needs
it's simple yet complicated
it's a challenge when doing something
that she doesn't talent at
for the one she care
but it means

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