13 December 2008

dolL * 11 - addictioN

x'mas coming soon
she was with the pig on the x'mas eve last year
it's would be a sweet memory
between her and pig
he's the one she likes
in her fantasy world

back in reality
she got addicted to him
the one she cares
it doesn't equal to the one she likes
she realized that
it wouldn't be the same person
the one she likes and the one she loves

she stayed at the origin
she got stuck between her fantasy and what is real
but no doubt
she prefers to be with the one she adapted to
she dono if she would quit
instead of stepping into it
she's already get used to him
but suddenly he is going on with someone else
she is getting mad and jealous
she hardly breathes the air
it's all bcoz of him

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