02 May 2009

dolL 27 * - portraY

she went to the lion dance competition
to be his supporter
it was an interesting event that she ever went
even though tired but it's a sweet day

she always has a lots of thing to tell him
but her heart turn into silent mode
all the words can't be told out
it's hidden in her heart
when she is with him
she juz want to feel him by her side
for the every single moments

she knew the team were upset for the result
as well as him
but it's a competition
doesn't matter win or lose
it brings developments
by the way
he has won her heart away
he's already the champion
deep in her heart core

she doesn't have a good camera
to capture for every moments
all the pictures portray in her memories
her heart will be the album
to collect and memorize it

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