18 May 2009

dolL * 28 - eternaL

she worked at a wedding dinner last nite
it's was a grand wedding at Fourpoints
printed the photos of memorable moments on the spot
while she was physically busy
she emotionally miss him too
she wore the purple jacket
which belongs to both of them

sometimes when the word "Marriage" came over her mind
she wonder how will it be
when she is the bride and he is the groom
from that moment onwards
they will never have to be alone
as her faith in him will never fade
thats all she really know

she willing to accept what she has
until the moment comes to her life
she feels warmed
when he's in the purple jacket that they have
she feels most loved
when she's in the presence of her special someone
somehow in someway
he attracted her, she clicked on his heart
her heart only belongs to him
wants to lives with him together

she went to temple to pray for him

she hopes everything goes on well for him
she worries as he got fever
he has no appetite for food
she hopes he get well soon
after he took medicine and rest
she wants to look after him by his side
thinking of him every single moments

she juz care of him


sharon (^.^) said...

You will be the bride, next to you is him :)
the purple jacket was a touching one~


lol~ thanx sharon.. ^-^
yea~ owaz like his little action which can enuf to touch my heart.. we stil hav purple skinny pant..hehe..