22 June 2009

dolL * 30


it was a wonderful day
even she still need to go to work as usual
but her mood was brighten up
when she's going to meet him
had lunch together after he finished work
he stirred her drinks for her before she finished her food
she use tissue to stop the water on the table
from dropping onto his leg
she wanted to buy him a hand cream
as his hand always got hurt during work
wearing the same purple pant together

a little action that showed
cares and loves
which are more than words

maybe no one understand this dream of them
they know just how difficult it is
but things will be different once they hold hands
thats what they been thru
she doesn't care how it's done
every single little thing that she did for him
she really meant it to him
she gonna be with him
and gives her hand to him
to fold her hear

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