24 June 2009

dolL * 31 - difficultY

2 days ago.. it was 21/6/09
he said he wanted to tell her something
important about their relationship..
at that moment she already guessed what is he going to say
she just couldn't believe it

this day could happen..

he chose not to tell her in front of her
bcoz he didn't want to see her sad face
he scared to be nervous and didn't what to do
but she couldn't control herself
she wrote down her feelings on a small piece of paper
her brain was not working suddenly
and drove to his house

they talked in the car for an hour
she tried to calm her feeling down and talked to him
she didn't want to let her loved one to see her cry also
but still her tears can't stop dropping down
crying in her heart

she knew he always has his own thinking
she also has her determination
he chose to let go bcoz he felt that she deserved for better
he has too much stress and problems at this moment
and hardly have time for her
yet he felt more guilty when she always treat him nice
and been so patient to him
he just felt like to put down his mind
and live with the problems in his life
without involved her in
she disagreed with it
bcoz she couldn't leave him alone with all this
she felt sorry for didn't realise that
her love has given him so much pressure
till he really can't tolerate with it

to make this decision which he didn't want to
he hoped this will be more fair to her also
as he didn't want she feel sad when he always overlook her
which made him feel unfair to her
just bcoz of his selfishness

but for her..
she really can't let go of him
as he is the only one she loved for
she has loved him deeply in her heart
she hopes he doesn't give up for their relationship so easily
instead she only want to share with him all his pressure
take this as a care in life
and that will be the best way for her

after the argue of both determination
she didn't blame him for anything
but she get to know and understand him more than she did
she couldn't have the ability to fly anymore
she just wan to stay by his side
be his companion
and face the problems together
she hopes he can give each other a chance
let her walk into his world

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