06 July 2009

dolL * 32 - serenE

every words that he told her that day
keep on repeating in her mind everyday
every single moments..

she doesn't angry or get mad at him
she is just trying to soothe her mind
and getting herself to analyze the situation
she gives him time to rest himself
as well as herself..

maybe he needs some time and space
to spare himself out of the frame of stress
problems that he has in his life
she doesn't want to be his burden too
if it's not happy, it's not the end
it's just the beginning of their life..

she has tried her best
to put herself into work this two weeks
but still she feel empty in her heart
worse than she didn't get to see him

she cant explain the feeling
she just knows that she feels real in herself when be with him

now the princess got lost in the jungle
and cant find the way back to her castle
cold wind and loneliness couldn't fear her
yet she doesn't move a step from the spot
bcoz she loves the nature of the jungle so much
and wish he can accompany her to live in the jungle together

during this period he thought that he knows it all
but this will only send her to misery
she never thought that need him there when she cry
she counted the days she has left him alone
everything that she did reminds her of him
and she loved the things that he did

she didn't go away
she just hides and thinks
she will not go away too..
the words that she need to hear
to always get her thru the day
she miss him..

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