15 July 2009

dolL * 33 - shadoW

she's counting down the days
to his birthday in one month
she still remember what she did for him
on his last birthday
she made a very special present for him
he felt her heart and sincere in it
her dream came true
because of him

she's not a drama queen
and she doesn't want to feel in this way
but she's just the way she is
her love to him will never change too
she doesn't know if it's a beautiful disaster
or a timeless castle in the sky
her tears drop on the withered rose
if the smell would come back again
or it only can be recalled in her memories
he confessed all his imperfect to her
she bear it all
yet she won't just leave him

their memories still alive in her heart
everywhere she go portraits the shadow of them
she feels him everywhere

it has been years she has him in her heart
she lives under his shadow
she will never learn how to put him down
even he made her cries and broke her heart
he picked up her happiness
yet he wanted to put it down
she believes in her sense that
he loves her too
he did
just his feeling has been concealed
in the situation that he's having at this moment
without he realized it

there's perfect only in his imperfections
for love to be true between her and him
she hopes time can give them a revive
to let the charm of love come back to them
she doesn't regret things that she has done
but the things she didn't do
when she had the chance
she doesn't regret to love someone
that really means to her

he's still the one that she loved for

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