17 July 2009

dolL * 34 - adorE

another day has gone
wishing him doing well everyday
though they are apart from each other
still she is here to stay
she will never say goodbye
just want to let him know
he is not alone
for she's always here with him

she miss his voice and the way he talks
the touch of his hand on her hair
the warm hand holding her with him
that always recharge her to full
he's always in her heart
she wants to hear from him
he is just different
from those like to act perfect
talk candies and make donuts promise
in front of their girl..

without realizing how good he is
instead of confessing his imperfections to her
blocking her from being too good to him
but it couldn't stop her passionate of adoring
she will just stay with him silently
to feel him in her heart

she only feels herself real
when she's with him
she's not a pretentious type of girl
she never hide her adorableness
to the prince deep in her heart
though she is independent and walks confidently
but he didn't know the best thing he did is
he has won her heart
the patient to reads her words
the granting of their relationship
makes her believes in his authenticity
no one else will do this for her
in this world
she made up her mind
she will not go away
no matter how tough it is
no one else can be replaced
the special and only one in her heart
the charming star that she could see in the darkness
though he felt himself is nothing
the missing piece that she found to complete her life
she wants him to be her chef forever

probably too much space been given
leading them to the points apart from where they clicked
a distance of emotionless
had obstructed the passion from growing
problems and stresses had overcame his feeling
made him into pokerfaced
but the habit of caring for him
hardly get rid from her

just the other night
she thought she's tough to be on her own
occupying herself into bunch of works
only sleep can rest her mind
that always getting her into emo mode
still she prays for him everyday
hoping that he is fine
missing him madly
down to the core of her heart
she only feels adored when she's emo
你是我生命中的 最捨不得...

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