02 August 2009

dolL * 34 - clicK

weather changes its mood like crazy
rainy ending given to a hazy hot day
it just like her life
pulling her up to the hills
pushing her down to the vale
it's never easy to take it alone,
it's even harder when it's two

beliefs and supports make her survived
she appreciates to those accompany by her side
while she's struggling

"Life is life photography, we all developed from negatives."

the air has a weird smell
but she couldn't feel anything in it
hardly breathe the air
probably her feeling has been arrested
she is breathless

keeping herself like nothing ever happened
though she knew she's not
just a little thing around
could always remind her of him

meeting her friend of friend
listening the same name calling around her ears
staying at the same area that she familiar with
brought her to the time and place where they've been
a call from his friend
colors that she wears
the road that leading to their destination
places that they used to eat together
everywhere she goes draws his shadow

it all clicking the red button in her heart
raising up all her veiled feeling
that buried in her heart
it never disappear
just a little thingy
will unveil all of it

*12 more days to his bday*

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