07 August 2009

dolL * 35 - wisheS

another week to go
planning to sketch all her feeling out
into pieces of paper
and color it
couldn't find a word to describe her feeling
drawing will do the talk
on the day itself

the haze outside her window
makes her hardly breathe the air
and the affection runs through her soul
hating it could go away
she wishes he didn't go away

maybe she hates that for the thing he didn't do
but she loves the thing he has done for her
hate makes her loves him more
she hates that she loves him

she wishes he doesn't get sick of this weather

she wishes she could photoshop on
their memories of fleeting
all the flashback
won't leave her alone
she wishes he could come back to her

nothing she can change the past
she couldn't change the habit of calling him pig too
she just wishes that he would listen to her
side of the story

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