22 August 2009

dolL * 36 - unknowN

she was watching drama in her room
the character in it reflected herself
conversations that meant to her
same things that she would worry and do
she just felt herself in the story

the invitation to his birthday
she has no word to describe it
definately she was happi that
he took the initiative
but yet she felt anxious
a stranger that she known
familiar yet unfamiliar
he treated her as usual like how they were been
sparkles of the stars twinkling
cold and warm switching on and off
sometimes he cares, but sometimes he's not
it's just like a storm came after the sun
she doesn't know how long could she stand
she just worried
she would fall into sickness
would it always be a rainbow after the rain?
she prays and wishes..

no doubt she wished she could know the answer
but she didn't ask anything about it
bcoz she gives a face
she feels the answer like the air
that she breathe in
yet it untouchable but she needs it
she wished he would tell her
she has been doing all this for him
without knowing the reasons why
her heart was driving her all the way
she wished she could know the status

worries and worries always filled up her mind
seems that the worries has overcame her cares
maybe the feel of longing has faded
without realizing
when their time was covering by works and problems
she's trying to find it back
the feeling that she has been lived with it for years
she doesn't want to lose the special one
bcoz she loves him deeply
plz stay at the corner that she can feel your warm
she will never go away
no matter when it rain or sun

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