15 August 2009


the day she has been waiting for
she just hopes to do something special for him
on his special day
every year 14th of August
is a day that more important than her own birthday

things happened before is bothering her
as it's been a while they didn't see each other
her mind was bare
till the night before she talked to the friend
she gave her idea to gather all his friends for a hang out
and celebrate for him
she offered to help to contact them too
she really thanks her with her heart
*thanx siowei*

she didn't want to let him k
now that is her plan
she just wants to surprise him
without any expectation
he sms her trying to ask her
if she can go for his celebration
her tears of excitement dropped
for taking the initiative
she didn't know whats in his mind at that moment
she felt worth for what she has done for him
she promised she will go
to the party that she pl
her mind was full of twist and turn

no word can describe her feeling
when he walked towards her
and sit beside her
the subtle feeling just
so real
sitting beside him is a happiness thing
to see his smile in front of her again
is the biggest comfort to
having fun thru the night
they sang him bday song when the cake was served
bday trick was on after he blew the candles
passing chocolate piece from his mouth to hers
putting all the cream on his face
and made her to lick it off
first time she did it for his bday

she hopes he would like it for the night
with a card that she specially edited for him
he looks happy when he looked at those pictures
old picture of him that she kept for years
other than "happy birthday"
she didn't write any word in the card
it's all the pictures of their story
she lets the pictures to do the talks in her heart

she hopes this birthday is a different and special one
yet he knew the plan before the night end
he told her that he never had this kind of birthday before
this is meant to her
without finding out the status
she has loved him from the start
and she never change her wa
y to love him
she hopes it last

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