08 September 2009


she had a birthday wish
she wished she could spend her bday with him
the only birthday wish she made
that is the greatest birthday present for her
which neither a money worth present
nor an formal dinner could replace it

the moment he replied her msg
can't hold the tears of excitement
she can't wait to see him again
on her special day

sitting in the cafe with their Memories
the emergence of all the old times
reminded her of time was flying
since the day he walked into her life
the fairy tales lived her life

no doubt she ever upset and cried
but she always believe
Love is not love,
until someone receive it..

she can't tell how much she miss him
worries of he has enough rest
taking care of his health
doing well in his job
filled up her mind

she will take care of herself for him too

she wonders
if the fairy tales is never real
she would rather stay in it
to be his princess forever
would it be a rainbow appears
in the silent night
after the heavy rain pour

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