22 September 2009


it was supposed the date of their trip to KL
but they didn't make it
and his sudden decision of putting down the relationship
she couldn't believe all those words came from him
she tried to controlled her tears in front of him
but she fell apart in her car
when she called to the close friend
she was upset till she couldn't even breathe the air
her tears couldn't stop from dropping
her mind was messed up all
that was the worst day she has had in her life
she wished there is a place she could hide
to release all her messed up feelings
where no one could get her
she just got to changed her rim
which she wanted desperately for so long
but she felt that the excitement is being replaced
while longing one thing for too long
wonder if it's really belongs to her
she started missing the original rim
which have been used all this while for 2+ years
maybe it's just the matter of time to get used to it

it's same like she has been like him for years
and her wish of if he is her boyfriend one day
was just like a dream
and never expect it could come true
when he was finally belonged to her
yet the strong feeling of missing him like crazy
has turned into another forms of caring
feeling of fullness fills the gap when things is imperfect
emptiness comes over the board when things is just perfect
this was the week in between both of their bday
14/8 & 28/8
3 months apart from that day..
2nd day of Raya festive celebration
the wedding day of his good friend

she sat on the beach at damai puri
felt the smoothness of the sand through her fingers
looked up to the sky
the lively scene on the beach with crowds
but did anyone take in the serene on the other side of the sea as concern?
who knows things can just happened in seconds like tsunami
no one can predict how much the gain and lose
so cherish every moments before it's too late
and it's never too late
... ... ...

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