12 October 2009

dolL * 37 - irreplaceablE

she's getting a heart without feeling
even when she's walking into the crowds
she feels that she's walking alone
finding herself in the grassland
with the losing bliss been searching for
she always keep the smile that he likes

if their love could carry on
promises that always sleep her tight
but wake her up with disappointment
still she believes that
the fairy tales might turn real into life

whenever her tears falling on her face
she wipes it off with the hand that he held before
feeling of missing him never end
she would never stop by all this way
she has been loving him

there is always changes in life
fate that meant to be
even can make two parallel lines meet
no matter how tough is the journey
worse thing can be heal to become better
as she knows nothing or no one is perfect
she juz cant tell how good he is
but he's juz irreplaceable

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