07 November 2009

dolL * 38 - tearS

she thought that she is numb
she fake a smile so he won't see
been trying hard
overlapping herself with endless works
in her heart
looks filled, yet an empty space was left out
it's all just an illusion
that cheating other people
and herself

she looks like normal as usual
but once a single click that reminds her of him
it melted..

when she found out that was him
the missing piece of puzzle in her life
knowing that he's exhausted of his work
her tears juz dropped itself on her face
realized that she still love him

her mind is blank at the moment
she hopes that he is doing well
with her unspoken wishes
she wonders if he knows
he's the reason for the tear drops on her guitar
the only thing tat keeps her wishing on a wishing star
the only one who's got enough of her to break her heart
he's the song leading her into her dream
he's the time taken but there's never enough
she doesn't know why she does
she's going to get some sleep tonight
nothing gonna change

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