28 November 2009

dolL * 39 - lockeD

it's was 2 months ago
when she last saw him at the party
same black and white checkers shirt
wearing on both of them
they were quiet in the crowds
till the moment before she left
her night was brighten
when their line of sights met

he looked sallow
she hopes he doesn't overload himself
still there is someone worry for him
friends said it's a happiness thing to be with him
but why their story doesn't carry on smoothly
like the fairy tales that she read

the nights he came into her dream
the moment her tears dropped

she knew that her heart still remained for him
she wished to stay in the dream
stay in the flash been with him
stay in his warm hugz
his existence drove her the energy to move on
turned into a doll that can be with him all the time
feeling want to stay in his world
though she knew it's hard in real
her heart is locked
he is the key
to unlock the chain

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