30 November 2009

dolL * 40 - perhapS

she's afraid of nothing
he is the courage that live her life
she's juz afraid of his refusal again
which dropped her to the deepest
she trust him
for who he is
and believed herself really miss him
so much unexpectedly
cause everything he does and words he says
it all takes her breath away
and now she's left with nothing

when he walked away
she thought of him and whispered
"everything's okay"
when she saw the seaweed soup on the table
she's now believing
she cares
if everything of him is okay
if he has enough rest
if he takes care of himself well
maybe it's true
she can't live without him
maybe two is better than one

maybe she's not the priority
but she wishes she could be the one he saw
at the end of a tiring working day
juz to accompany him by his side
sharing stories of the day
how adorable it would be

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