06 March 2010

dolL * 46 - balloonS

seeing ways of the world changing all around
seems up side down
impossible can be possible

peoples begin their new life with new peoples
strangers could turn into couples
probably end up with nothing one day
from the dearest became stranger
the stranger ever most familiar with
wish to be deleted from memories
or keep the slight connection in between
sometimes feel strange with the closest one
seems knowing less
after get along with each other

the balloons used to be colorful
but not anymore..
some faded
some been taken away
some broken
some flew away into the sky
she's holding those been left over
in her hand

with a love one
she cares, she shares;
much concerns and worries..
without a love one
she found herself released
with bareness sometimes..

she's still be her own doll
walking on the street
waiting for someone
to move into her heart

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