08 February 2010

dolL * 45 - endurE

she's living under miserable
before disclose the truth of the story
the sky was always cloudy
even the rain has stopped
it aint got anymore reason
for her to restrict for it
slowly she has learn to let go..

the destination is not what matters
it's the path taken that value her journey
things that always remind her of him
enhance her day with memories
now she can lived with it bravely
as one can't escape from the past
somehow it mold her till today
affects her a little

that's where she learn and grew

the moment when the decision is made
she able to bear a smile
without any burden and worries
her heart draws a dream
traveling and shopping
hanging out with dearest friends
she's much more cheerful than before
even she cut her finger
still she can endure it
it's not that pain anymore..

emptiness in longing
bareness of belonging
she feels missing
out of no where
her love is transparent
she could breathe it but cant hold it
it couldn't be seen till someone received it

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