02 January 2010

dolL * 44 - learnT

she knew it's hard to move on
but she has learn the hardest way either
when her heart was broken into pieces
keeping herself in the box
refused to reveal to anyone for half an year
she fake a smile so no one could see it

on the new year eve
the moment she was told that
he got a new girlfriend
she realised..
life just moves on like nothing happened
they are no longer belong to each other anymore
again she could feel her heart is twisted
and the wound is bleeding again
she knew it will hurt again
but she could afford the pain with a smile now
from the day he went away
perhaps their story has came to an end
at the junction where they met and started the story

maybe it's the time for her to let go
reviving herself day by day
to continue her journey with her dreams
seeking for the new blessed love
she will keep him as an memorable chapter
in her memories forever

wishing him to take care of himself
letting go the bad romance
move on to the new chapter of life

she cherish all the memories
thanks for letting her ever walked into his life
he brought memorable moments in her journey
where they took this road someone's gotta go
it's doesn't matter
she wants him to know that
the guitar has stopped playing this song
but it remains there
she's learning to play new song
with a blessed heart

sometimes perfect couldn't keep this love alive
leave behind all the messed up
start afresh for a brand new life
they couldn't have loved each other better
he wanted her to move on
believing that she's sensible
he knew that she loves him so
love him enough to let him go

she will always be here as a friend

yesterday is a history
today is a gift
tomorrow is a mystery

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