28 December 2009

dolL * 43 - admiT

when she is missing him
she's juz couldn't raise her hand to ring a call
she scared to hurt the wound again when touch it
maybe she has lost her braveness
maybe she couldn't find the reason anymore

it was always a smile when she saw his msg
she didn't expect to see him on the x'mas nite
he looks happy and cheer
"wife is for the whole life.."
heard it from his whisper
she felt that is he in love again
yet she knew she's not the one in his heart already
the smile that been missing long time ago
appeared on his face again

she didn't think that much
the rainbow in the dark might not going to exist
sitting beside him with an ordinary heart
she's happy enough she can talk to him again
she cherish it
as the one she ever loved

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