26 December 2009

dolL * 42 - doubT

sometimes maybe silent is the best medicine
she didn't know her bugging will make him frustrated
maybe she has been asking too much
she doesn't mean to bother him
though she's not the priority

still she will be the back up to lend her hand
whenever he needs

no matter what she have said
it's all just her concern and worries

she will only talk to him freely like no one
he is the person who she can share all in her heart
ears to receive her every complain
place where she can cry her heart out
when she's upset

but it scared her
when his words sounds so serious
her tears dropped in a sudden on her pillow
she was blank..
because she scared the trust and dependent
that take years to build up

will just destroyed in seconds

he is off for his vacation again
it might be just a few days time
but it's seems long for her to spend her day
maybe she has got used to it
it's just like the alarm clock beside her bed
always ring at the time when she's still in her dream
she hates it yet she couldn't get rid of it
sometimes she can just off it and overslept
sometimes she still has to wake
even earlier to ring a morning call

it's the imperfect
that fills the satisfaction of life

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