19 December 2009

dolL * 41 - belonGs

the nite when she logged in facebook
saw his updates
she heard him said out whats in his heart
but she didn't know what to reply
she got lost in the jungle again
maybe she needed to learn to be brave
to face everything that always reflect him

she found the similarity
both are same wishing and waiting for the miracles
that might be not going to happen
but sometimes miracles could be created
when it's believed

maybe they are not belong to each other
she doesn't know where is she belongs to
she juz hope she could belong to someone in the heart
a place where she could rest
when she is tired
a companion who she could rely on
when she feels helpless

she feels isolated
wishing if he could listen whats in her heart
wondering who is able to adopt this little doll
with a beaten heart

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