10 March 2009

dolL * 20 - speciaL

the story began with J
J-rock bring them to this junction
his extraordinary attracted her
same sense of styles and colors
connected both J together
she found her happiness
with him

she loves his character
for being a pig
his hand warms her heart
the way he looks into her eyes
when he talks and tells her story
makes her feels that
he means to her
and she will keep every single memories
deep in her heart

she worries he easily got sick
as he always sleep very late
or tired with works and practices
she wants to take care of him

she believes that
their love is growing better each day
with supports and cares to each other
instead of materiality consumption
that's the moral she learns from the movie
"love matters"

for her
he is special
she will be his special one too


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