22 March 2009

dolL * 21 - togetheR

days and moments she's with him
even just a sms or a call in a single day
could fill her to full for a day

leaving down a sweet message
while he was sleeping or busy
hoping that he got enough sleep and rest
and taking good care of himself
worries come when he got sick
or dragged himself even he was tired
she would want to stay by his side
hold his hand until he's getting well

sometimes when they were together
unspoken understanding blended their feelings
her heart was so warm all the time
dropping her to work in the morning
accompany her to lunch together
after a drained day of work
the waiting for him to bring her back from work
she has forgotten the tiredness
with his concern, smile, hug

and a goodbye kiss before left

the waiting is worth her for him
since she has loved him from the start

she lives in his pocket of heart everyday
to feel what he feels

even she doesn't get to see him everyday
their hearts live together
they belong together
she wants to do everything for him
to get him through the day
and make everything okay

to be together with him
is the greatest happiness

he is the only one she let inside
she sees rainbow after the rain
she can breathe the air
because he is here with her

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