31 March 2009

dolL * 22 - supporT

life always comes with twists and turns
things maybe not going right now
maybe it's just out of the mind

when it meets frustration
she always believes that
there is a hope all the time
when it comes to the dead end
there is always a spare light source
when the candles is going off
a hope just like a star in the dark

she appreciates for sharing his problem with her
she would like to share with him
face the problem and solve it together
she hopes he never take it on his own
as he has her with him now
he is not alone...

she hopes he always remember that
when he feels helpless,
and no one is on his side
he still got her by his side
she is here with him all the time
to be his listener
even the whole world going to neglect him
she will be the one who gives him support
because she cares for him

she understands how he feels
don't think too much
have a nice sleep tonight
everything will be okay babe

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